Residential Electric

In today’s DIY era, it can be tempting to try and save a few dollars by attempting electrical projects on your own. Unless you are simply plugging in a surge protector, or swapping out a light bulb, opting for a licensed, professional electrician is in your best interest. That’s where we come in!

Aside from being a leader in commercial electric services, Lightpath Electric Company also offers the same quality work and craftsmanship in residential services. Whether you are looking to upgrade your light fixtures, install security lighting, add additional wall outlets, or anything else, let us save you the time and headache. Our trained electricians treat your home as they treat their own, using all the standard safety procedures and techniques to ensure the job is done safely, correctly and in a timely manner.

Some of our Residential Electric services include:

  • Security Lighting
  • Code Corrections
  • Hanging and Installing Fixtures
  • Repairing Lightning Strike Damage
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Installing Electrical Circuits
  • Wiring and Installing HVAC Units
  • Repairing/Removing Aluminum Wiring
  • Home Remodeling (specializing in historical home upfits)
  • New construction

We look forward to serving your residential electric needs. Give us a call today at 704-525-1888 to inquire further about how we can help you!