Lighting Control System

A lighting control system is an intelligent network of lighting controls, which allows you to have control of the lights in a space. There are various types of lighting control systems available to you depending on your needs.  A normal switch in your home that switches a light on and off is a form of lighting control. Your driveway floodlights that turn on when it detects motion as someone pulls up to your house is also a form of lighting control.

Lightpath Electric Company offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. These include:

  • Architectural Controls
  • Day lighting Controls
  • Dimmers
  • Fan Speed Controls
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Relay Panels
  • Timer Switches

Our lighting controls provide dependable control and complement any residential or commercial application, with the potential for high-energy savings.

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